Inaugural Visit to the New Japanese Ambassador

Antrittsbesuch jap BotschaftWiener MusikSeminar's representatives went to the Japanese embassy to make an inaugural visit to the new ambassador Kiyoshi Koinuma.

From left to right: vice-president and art director Prof. Kurt Schmid, general secretary Aki Keul, ambassador Kiyoshi Koinuma, president KommR Rudolf Kallat

Congratulations, HR Dr. Willander

We would like to congratulate HR Dr. Alfred Willander, vice-president of Wiener MusikSeminar, on his 70th birthday and wish him all the best for the future.

The presidium and executive committee of Wiener MusikSeminar 

End of the Master Classes Winter 2017

P2250522The master classes of winter 2017 ended with a great concert of participants on 22nd February in the Clara Schumann-Hall of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. 

From left to right: performing participants, professors, répétiteurs, vice-president and art director Prof. Kurt Schmid, , general secretary Aki Keul, president KommR Rudolf Kallat

End of the Conducting Master Class

P8031224This year's conducting master class with Prof. Johannes Wildner came to an end on Wed, 3rd August 2016, in the "Festsaal" of Congress Casino Baden with a successful final concert and Prof. Dichler-Competition accompanied by the Savaria Symphony Orchestra. 

The performers gave proof of their high artistic skills, and the following prizes were awarded: two III. prizes, one II. prize, and three I. prizes.

Congratulations to the award winners!

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