About Wiener MusikSeminar

The Wiener MusikSemeinar was founded in the year 1979 from two artists in musician, Mrs. Kimiko Sato (Soprano) was born in Japan and leaved in Vienna and Prof. Dr. Josef Dichler a wouldwide known pianist and composer from Vienna. Both of them deceased many years ago. Since them the responsibility is in the hand of one president, one vicepresident and same members of the committee. Thos personalities from music-culture and economic are in charge, to keep the quality of the international mastercourses, and we had great pleasure, to give many winners of the Prof. Dichler competition an award. Our participants are coming from all over the world, and they will be teached in our materclasses from very professional and high qualified professors. On all participants who are taking place this year on the international mastercourses, we like to wish them much success in continuing their education in music and a unforgettable time in Vienna.









Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. h. c. Kurt Schmid

President of the Wiener MusikSeminar



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