Concert Venues in Lower Austria

KunstundKulturNBanner2In each course block one of the concerts of participants takes place in Lower Austria (for the dates please have a look at Events).

1st block: concert at Hilde Wagener Künstlerheim in Baden
2nd block: concert at Heiligenkreuz-Gutenbrunn Castle and afterwards visit of the Schubert Memorial at Atzenbrugg Castle, concert at Parish Church Münchendorf
3rd block: concert at Haydn's Birthplace in Rohrau
4th block: concert at Parish Church Münchendorf

5th block: concert at Hilde Wagener Künstlerheim in Baden

For the trips to Haydn's Birthplace in Rohrau and Heiligenkreuz-Gutenbrunn Castle, Wiener MusikSeminar organises bus transfer, lunch at a local restaurant and a guided tour of Haydn's Birthplace or Schubert Memorial at Atzenbrugg Castle (reservation can be made in our office at the university).

For the concerts at Hilde Wagener Künstlerheim and Parish Church Münchendorf, the performing artists will be taken there by car.

Haydn's Birthplace in Rohrau

Haydn-GeburtshausThe birthplace of two of Austria´s most outstanding composers, Joseph and Michael Haydn, is situated in Rohrau, Lower Austria, in the south east of Vienna. Their father Mathias Haydn, a coach builder, had this reed thatched house built in 1728. Joseph Haydn was born there on March 31st, 1732 and spent his early years there up to the age of six. His equally talented younger brother Michael followed on September 13th, 1737. Even though both boys left their home at an early age for further musical education they stayed strongly connected to the village of their birth throughout their lives.

After having been acquired by the province of Lower Austria in 1959 the former residence of the Haydn family was consequently adapted as a museum. Since then it has housed many different kinds of cultural activities and an exhibition.

Between October 2016 and September 2017 this memorial site which is classified as a historical monument has been carefully renovated and extended. Its reopening as a new centre of various cultural events and many sorts of functions took place on September 14th, 2017, just in time to commemorate the 280th birthday of Michael Haydn.

Further information and calendar of events:

Heiligenkreuz-Gutenbrunn Castle

Heiligenkreuz-Gutenbrunn2Heiligenkreuz-Gutenbrunn Castle, founded in 1738, housed Lower Austria Baroque Museum from 1964 to 2001. The castle still offers a particularly attractive setting for a synopsis of baroque art.

The late baroque palace was built by Johann Ohmeyer, including the parish and pilgrimage church of the Assumption. The splendidly stuccoed staircase, the Paul Troger fresco in the former palace chapel, as well as the dome frescoes and the altarpiece by Franz Maulbertsch in the church should be particularly emphasized here.

In the summer months (June, June, August) Sunday matinees, like our Concert of Participants, take place in the ballroom of the castle.

Hilde Wagener Künstlerheim in Baden

KurtSchmidThe historic building in the center of Baden near Vienna has served as a stylish dormitory for aged artists from all faculties - actors, singers, musicians, writers and visual artists - for over 50 years. Among others, Hilde Wagener Künstlerheim was managed by Lotte Tobisch, the organizer of Vienna’s Opera Ball, for many years.

The elegant salon is an ideal location for events of all kinds - also for our Concerts of Participants, with which the artists living there are also given great pleasure.

Münchendorf Parish Church

Pressefoto MuenchendorfThe concerts in the parish church are not only popular with music lovers from Münchendorf, but also with non-local music lovers. The parish belongs to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna.

About the church itself: The Roman Catholic parish church of Münchendorf is located in the municipality of Münchendorf in the Mödling district in Lower Austria, and is dedicated to St. Leonhard von Limoges. The high altar was a gift from Empress Maria Theresia (it was previously in the Hofburg Chapel in Vienna).

Congress Casino Baden

CongressCasinoBaden2The building was constructed in place of the old Theresienbad spa in the Baden resort park between 1884 and 1886 as a new spa, in the style of the Renaissance Revival based on architects Eugen Faßbender and Maximilian Katscher's plans.

The jewel of the house is the 450 sqm Festsaal, in which the conducting course we organize every two years comes to an end with a final concert including a conducting competition.

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