Master Class

Class: Master Class Clarinet
Tutor: Kurt Schmid
Dates: 14.02. - 23.02.2024
Start time: 09:00
Registration fee: €173
Course fee: €588

Kurt Schmid

Born in Vienna, studied at the University of Vienna with Rudolf Jettel. Since 1963 solo clarinettist of the NTO. Since 1969 intensive work on Viennese music. Teaching since 1970, since 1974 professor at the Music Seminar Vienna; since 1986 focusing on composing. 1993 art director and conductor of the Viennese Clarinet Orchestra; holds master courses in Austria, Japan and Korea.

Since 1996 Vicepresident for matters of art of the Music Seminar Vienna. Since 1999 director h.c. and conductor of the Symphony Orchestra Oradea; since 2002 art director and 1st conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra in Lugansk. Since 2003 professor at the University in Lugansk. Since March 2004 doctor honoris causa at the University in Lugansk.

Languages: German, English

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