About Wiener MusikSeminar

2017 was a great and artistically successful year for the Wiener MusikSeminar. Numerous events – with 20 concerts performed at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and various venues in Lower Austria in the summer alone – represented the broad musical spectrum covered by the participants of the master classes and the winners of the Professor Dichler Competition. Participants from 41 countries of the world came to Vienna – a truly great experience.

Thanks to our excellent cooperation with Professor Jeffie Leung, students of music from Hong Kong participated in our courses once again. This mutual exchange proved to be extremely valuable, both for our guests and for our professors.

Although a regular feature on our calendar of events, the concert performances by our professors are a highlight we greatly enjoy every year. I use this occasion to thank our professors for their commitment, their dedication and their great interest in working with young artists.

2018 is the 48th year of our “artistic mission”. From the very beginning, the Wiener MusikSeminar has been devoted to the task of communicating the essence of music and its history to young artists from all over the world. During the weeks of their stay in Austria, they address the full range of artistic challenges, including their relationship to instruments, voice and music, the serious effort of continuing musical education, and the joy of making music – all immersed in the atmosphere of a city that plays such an important role in the history of music.

The Wiener MusikSeminar looks forward to welcoming you in Vienna, our city of music.



KommR Rudolf Kallat
President of the Wiener MusikSeminar

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